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Incorporation of Companies

You need to start your new business on the right footing. Incorporating a company can protect you and your family from personal liability and will allow you to structure your financial affairs to minimize taxes and achieve optimal returns on your investment. Share structure, capital investment, shareholder agreements, directors’ obligations and liabilities must all be considered to protect your venture. Our lawyers have assisted business persons in creating the corporate vehicle required to meet their needs. Johns Southward has represented all forms of business, large and small, in achieving growth and stability in their corporate endeavours.

Buying and Selling Businesses

Buying and selling a business is a highly complex transaction that requires early consideration and careful documentation. Will you be buying or selling shares or assets? What are the tax consequences to you? What will happen to the employees of the business? There are numerous questions to be addressed when buying or selling a business. We will work in conjunction with your agent and accountant to ensure that the final purchase and sale optimizes the return on your long term investment. Our lawyers will advise and protect you through each step of the transaction.

Organizing Other Business Entities

If you are not ready to incorporate, there are other forms of business entities, including sole proprietorships, joint ventures and partnerships. It is important, before embarking on a business venture, to ensure that its structure is appropriate for your needs. There are significant consequences to each of the forms of business operation you might pursue and a full knowledge of the options available to you will be invaluable to your long term business success. Johns Southward is familiar with the variety of business formats that exist and can advise you on the benefits and suitability of each of these business forms to your needs.

General Contract Matters

Business deals need to be documented. Each party to a transaction has different objectives and misunderstandings frequently arise unless the arrangements that the parties have made are clearly outlined and agreed to in a written contract. The documentation can be as simple as a letter, or as complex as a collective bargaining agreement. The completion of one document that both parties have committed to minimizes the risks that there will be a falling out between them at some time in the future. A properly drafted contract will assist in avoiding a dispute, and in the event a dispute arises, will be invaluable in reaching a resolution of it. The legal team at Johns Southward will use their broad and extensive experience to assist you in drafting all forms of agreement to maximize the level of understanding between the parties involved.

Construction Law

The lawyers at Johns Southward have expertise in all areas of construction law, including building construction, financing, and project development. Our lawyers can assist with drafting contracts, filing builder’s liens, and handling disputes. At Johns Southward we firmly believe in preventing disputes before they occur and encourage our clients to obtain proper advice prior to commencing any construction project so as to limit their risks down the road. This advice ranges from assisting with standard commercial and governmental forms to drafting complex multi-stage agreements.

Corporate Finance and Securities

Every business will need to borrow money at some point in time. Whether you are a lender or a borrower, corporate finance and securities transactions are discrete and unique and each must be considered from numerous perspectives to maximize protection of all parties involved. The ability of the business to support the borrowing, and the security required will have a significant impact on the stability of the business and investments. The business lawyers at Johns Southward are experienced in all forms of corporate finance and can assist in protecting borrowers, lenders and the corporate entities involved.

Employment Agreements

Employment law no longer consists of a simple relationship between a master and his servant. The lawyers at Johns Southward are experienced in navigating the complex intermingling of federal and provincial legislation and the common law which collectively govern employment. Our knowledge and expertise includes drafting employment contracts and negotiating for both public and private bodies and their contracted workers. (See also “Litigation and Disputes – Employment and Labour Litigation” for more information about our experience and expertise in this field).